KidTeacher Series

Useful Phrases for Shopping

This week’s video features Thao Le, our STEAM Mentor, and Siyoon, our Point Avenue student! Thao Le is fluent in both English and Vietnamese, while Siyoon knows Korean and is diligently learning English. Watch as they exchange some useful phrases for shopping in both Vietnamese and Korean!

Here are the expressions used in this video:

1. This one is too expensive. ⇢ Vietnamese: Cái này đắt quá | Korean: 이것은 너무 비싸다

2. Do you have any discount? ⇢ Vietnamese: Bạn có giảm giá không? | Korean: 이것은 할인을 하나요?

3. How much does it cost? ⇢ Vietnamese: Cái này giá bao nhiêu? | Korean: 이것은 얼마인가요?

4. I forgot my wallet. ⇢ Vietnamese: Tôi để quên ví mất rồi | Korean: 나는 지갑을 까먹었다