Point Avenue Wordsmiths Society


We take a systematic, methodical, and logical approach towards training for our events. We determine what our goal is and reverse plan on how to best achieve desired results. Our preparation not only includes developing subject matter expertise, but a breakdown of the most basic tactics, techniques, and procedures used to compete both in an individual and group role.

Studies of previous victors are conducted, as well as ongoing analysis of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each team/ competitor is given a very special and tailored training program in order to maximize their learning and development. Training is conducted in a structured manner that is still flexible enough to shift when students have competing demands and priorities.

While we understand the importance of competing to win, and work hard to do so, we place greater emphasis and value on the process of turning our students into strong, honest, character driven young leaders who have the skills to clearly convey deliberate messages and ideas in a way that will earn the respect of those around them.

International History Bee and Bowl (IHBB)

Point Avenue is proud to be the one and only sponsor of the IHBB, the premier history competition in the world. Students of all ages are eligible to compete in this buzzer based team (bowl) and individual (bee) competition, vying to be the top historians in Vietnam. The competition is held twice a year, in the Fall and Spring, with the top competitors becoming eligible for the annual Asian Regional Championship as well as the bi-annual International History Olympiad. Joining our IHBB competition training program will guarantee that you are equipped with the proper knowledge and skills to make you competitive against other students your age.

World’s Scholar Cup (WSC)

An international phenomenon, this competition takes place all over the world with students competing locally, then regionally, and internationally should they qualify. Students form teams of 3 then compete in 4 separate events – quiz bowl, collaborative writing, a written test, and debate. Join our training program to start preparing today!


With a strict focus on debate, our training program trains you to debate on the competitive stage in local, regional, and international tournaments. We compete in tournaments that utilize multiple styles of debate to include the World School’s Debating style, along with both Asian and British Parliamentary styles. Improve on your public speaking, critical thinking, argumentation and organization skills with us while having fun arguing against your friends on a variety of real world issues!