Wordsmiths – Public Speech/ Debate


Our Wordsmiths Program will foster students’ oral communication skills. One of the biggest roadblocks in learning the English language is the lack of confidence in one’s ability to speak. Our first priority in Wordsmiths is to build the young students’ confidence up, providing them with an environment where they can make mistakes and learn from them, free of judgment. The program is broken up into 3 distinct learning phases:

Public Speaking

Coursework will focus on the fundamentals of speech and the soft skills necessary to display more confidence and strength in the spoken word.

Dramatic Storytelling

Coursework will focus on learning new methods and styles of public speech, showing students how to weave intricate stories capturing the audience’s attention. Creative thinking will be developed as students learn to communicate both known popular stories, and stories of their own design.


Coursework will focus on learning the fundamentals of many forms of debate to include the World School’s Debate style and Parliamentary (Asian/ British). Students will have to develop, organize, and effectively deliver argumentation on chosen topics. They will have the opportunity to question arguments while defending their own. This course will showcase the competitive side of your student while practicing important analytical thinking skills under pressure.