CRAM Sessions (SAT/ ACT/ SSAT)


An intensive course the week before your exams:

– Taught by our STAR mentors

– Monday to Friday from 17:00 – 20:00

– A comprehensive review of essential topics

– Drills and practice questions to help maximize your score

– Time-saving advice, proven score-raising strategies and tips



SM, MIT, Materials Science and Engineering

12+ years of teaching, tutoring, and college admissions

8 students with perfect SAT scores / 6 students with perfect ACT scores

200+ students with 1500+ SAT scores

350+ students with 2200+ SAT scores

120+ students with 32+ ACT scores



BS, United States Military Academy, Sociology & Environmental Engineering

10+ years of experience in teaching, tutoring, and college admissions

150+ students with 90%+ SSAT scores

500+ students for boarding school and college admissions

Students accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, and more