PA March Newsletter

Point Avenue is a third home for our parents and students. Therefore, we regularly post and share bi-monthly newsletters focused on education trends for our families, and interesting topics related to effective parenting and managing adolescent behavior.

For this first share, we want to recommend a book that helped us to really hone and shape our introverted leadership skills, Quiet by Susan Cain. It’s a book mainly for introverts who are trying to navigate and lead in a world that mainly praises extroverted tendencies. We think this is extremely relevant for Asian kids because we’re taught to be respectful and quiet, listen to others before speaking rather than to always speak before thinking. So, when kids face the adult working world, it becomes quite challenging to overcome those Asian habits and to really stand out and excel, especially in an international and Western setting.

The book can be found both on Audible / Kindle (link); the book is sold in both Korean and Vietnamese versions too. Or, you can listen to Susan Cain’s TedTalk here (link).

Other relevant news:

– MIT announces $2 Billion plan to make college for Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Link) What does this mean for you? Start to think about future technology and job trends because this will impact new options in careers and majors. For kids who have strong quantitative skills, this could be a possible vibrant path because AI / Machine Learning will be more prevalent in the future.

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