KidTeacher Series

Name of Body Parts

This episode features Dan, our mentor for STEAM as well as Middle School/ High School, with Siu, our Point Avenue student. Dan is a master in both English and Spanish, while Siu is fluent in Vietnamese and English. Siu will be teaching Dan some Vietnamese and Dan will be teaching Siu Spanish. The topic today is names of body parts!

Here are the words they mentioned in this video:

1. Hair ⇢ Vietnamese: Tóc | Spanish: El pelo

2. Shoulder ⇢ Vietnamese: Vai | Spanish: Los hombros

3. Feet ⇢ Vietnamese: Bàn chân | Spanish: Los pies

4. Nose ⇢ Vietnamese: Mũi | Spanish: La nariz

5. Head ⇢ Vietnamese: Đầu | Spanish: La cabeza

6. Arm ⇢ Vietnamese: Cánh tay | Spanish: Los brazos