KidTeacher Series

Idioms in 3 Languages

This episode features Honda, our Managing Director, with Yen, our Point Avenue student. Honda is fluent in both Thai and English and Yen is fluent in Vietnamese and English. Yen will be teaching Honda Vietnamese and Honda will be teaching Yen Thai.

Here are the phrases they mentioned in this video:

1. When in Rome, do as the Romans. Vietnamse: Nhập gia tùy tục. Thai: เข้าเมืองตาหลิ่ว ต้องหลิ่วตาตาม

2. One bad apple can spoil the barrel. Vietnamese: Con sâu làm rầu nồi canh. Thai: ปลาเน่าตัวเดียว เหม็นไปทั้งข้อง

3. Practice makes perfect. Vietnamese: Có công mài sắt có ngày nên kim. Thai: ไม่สูงต้องเขย่ง ไม่เก่งต้องขยัน