KidTeacher Series

Trying Vietnamese and Korean Snacks

We have three guests in this week’s episode of KidTeacher! Linh Le, our Operations Consultant for Admission Consulting is here with Yudam and Jihoo to try out a variety of yummy Vietnamese and Korean snacks! In the process, Linh will teach the students about the names of the Vietnamese snacks, and they will teach her about the names of the Korean ones. Bon appetit!

Here are the snacks mentioned in this video:

1. 약과 – Yakgwa: Honey Cookie

2. Bánh Phu Thê: Husband and Wife Cake

3. 술떡 – Ssultteok: Rice cake

4. 쌀과자 – Ssal Gwa Ja: Rice Crackers

5. Bánh Cốm: Green Sticky Rice Cake