IELTS Test Prep Course

Point Avenue’s IELTS course approaches test preparation by immersing students in the processes of interpersonal English language communication. By utilising the four assessed IELTS skills as catalysts for language development, this class will offer students guidance in cultivating critical thinking, subject expertise, and with tried & tested test-taking strategies, to become more eloquent and effective multi-skilled communicators.

Course levels

IELTS 101 (Beginner): For students who score below a band score of 5. 
  • Introduce students to the format of the IELTS test
  • Breakdown of each of the four test skills, and how the context of the IELTS test dictates test preparation and strategy. 
  • Focuses on remedial grammar concepts and a broadening of IELTS related vocabulary. 

IELTS 201 (Intermediate): For students who score between a 5 to 6.5 band score.
  • Prepares students’ language, grammar, and vocabulary fundamentals to facilitate a more comprehensive and intensive examination of not only the test format and the subsequent skills but also test strategy. 
  • Moves at a faster pace and will be more challenging. 
  • Reading comprehension and interpretation along with students’ understanding and awareness of writing elements are key areas of focus.

IELTS 301 (Advanced): For students who score above a band of 6.5. 
  • Review of IELTS structure & concepts, but students are expected to already have this knowledge. 
  • Homework is increased, vocabulary is doubled, and IELTS topic knowledge is now the priority. 
  • Students will be guided in the presentation, delivery, and formulation of natural, fluent, and coherent discussion strategies.


Course Schedule

  • Schedule: 3 Hour (Middle school students), 4 hours (High school students) on weekends
  • Course length: Each term is 16 weeks


Why study IELTS at Point Avenue? 

Parents Meetings

Lesson progress reports will be sent to parents weekly throughout the term however parents are encouraged to meet with teachers whenever the opportunity arises to discuss progress and future plans in greater detail.


Band Score Focus

At the beginning of the semester, students will be evaluated on the four skills. Increasing their respective band scores will be the target focus throughout the semester and will serve as the measuring stick at the end of the semester of the students’ progress.


Student Relationships

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to mentorship. The goal of every Point Avenue mentor is to build a special relationship with each student. We want the students to be able to come to speak to us and lean on us when they feel uncomfortable speaking to a parent or a school teacher.

We want to be big brothers and sisters that they can seek guidance and advice from so we try to forge a bond that earns their trust, loyalty, and respect. A measure of our success is the students’ ability to speak to us and to confide in us. While this is a hard thing to measure and achieve, it is a challenge that we accept.