SAT Test Prep Course

The SAT is a well established standard of college admissions testing used by students all over the globe who wish to apply to American universities. Since a high SAT score will improve any student’s chances of being accepted into a top university, effective SAT test preparation is a crucial part of the international application process. Our classes cover the three topics tested by the SAT – reading, writing, and mathematics – and are divided into three levels so that students are taught at the appropriate pace and with other students at their same level of ability. This is the most effective way to accelerate improvement and achieve their full score potential.

Course levels

SAT 101 (Beginner): For students scoring below 1200 
  • Sat concepts are introduced and taught in great detail
  • Students will be given weekly vocabulary quizzes
  • Introduction to SAT essay
  • Homework consisting 2 of the 4 SAT test sections per week
  • Full SAT practice test every 2 weeks
SAT 201 (Intermediate): For students scoring between 1200 and 1300
  • SAT concepts reviewed weekly
  • Weekly vocabulary quizzes
  • SAT essay development
  • Timed problem sets in class
  • Homework consisting a full SAT practice test every week

SAT 301 (Advanced): For students scoring greater than 1350. 
  • Review of IELTS structure & concepts, but students are expected to already have this knowledge. 
  • Homework is increased, vocabulary is doubled, and IELTS topic knowledge is now the priority. 
  • Students will be guided in the presentation, delivery, and formulation of natural, fluent, and coherent discussion strategies.


Course Schedule

SAT Primary Course

  • One four-hour lesson per weekend, Saturday or Sunday, 0900-1300
  • 14-17 weeks, depending on the testing schedule.


SAT Cram Course

  • Monday-Friday the week prior to the SAT testing dates (August 29, September 26, October 3, November 7, December 5), 1800-2100


Why study SAT at Point Avenue? 

Parent Meetings

Parents will be kept up to date on their children’s performance through the weekly progress reports. Additionally, parents are strongly encouraged to book meetings with our teachers should they need more specific feedback or would like to bring up any questions or concerns.


Weekly Homework

All levels will be provided homework workbooks for all 3 sections – Reading, Writing, and Math – in which weekly assignments must be completed. 


Supervised In-Class Mock Tests

Prior to the start of the semester, students must come in to take a timed test under strict exam conditions; their scores will be used to place each student in the appropriate stream. If students have an official SAT on record, this can be used instead of the diagnostic test.  On the final day of class, students will take a supervised test, which will provide the school and the parents with a reliable measure of their improvement.