Our Services

We work with Grade 6 – post graduate students to help them apply for boarding schools, undergraduate programs, and graduate programs. While that’s our most basic and essential service, it’s really just the finish line. For students who are looking for more than just guidance on the application process, we help mentor and coach them in their journey to arrive at the application process as the best version of themselves. The following is an overview of the ways we help achieve that.

Application Services

Mentorship Services

– School Selection
– Major Selection
– Activities Profile
– Hook Development
– Personal Statement
– Supplemental Essays
– Media Portfolio
– Letter of Recommendation
– Financial Reporting
– Interview Preparation
– Matriculation Guidance
– Visa Application
– Growth Strategy
– Coursework Management
– Academic Writing Support
– Time Management
– Soft Skills Development
– Extracurricular Activity Guidance
– Test Preparation Strategy
– Competitive/ Summer Program Sourcing
– Independent Project Guidance