International Training & Competition

As students look for more ways to build on their resume and differentiate themselves, university admissions officers too are keenly interested in students’ past participation and achievements in academic competitions. At Point Avenue, we offer many international competition training courses.

International History Bee & Bowl Competition (IHBB) 

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Season of the International History Bee ...

The IHBB training course is designed to prepare students for success at the regional and international tournaments while learning life skills that are applicable to academic and personal growth. Students will learn long term memorization strategies as they develop the knowledge and confidence needed to answer questions accurately and calmly under pressure. 

Debate “All-Stars” Training & Competition

The Debate “All-Stars” Program is an advanced course designed for students with competitive debating tournament experience. Students will be introduced to various debate strategies with a focus on team collaboration. Each class will culminate in performance-based assignments that require students to demonstrate their abilities and apply course content within the classroom setting. Opportunities to take their knowledge beyond the classroom will be given when tournaments in and out of Vietnam are available. 

World Scholar’s Cup Training & Competition (WSC) 

Each team that competes in the WSC is at different skill levels with different personalities, so our training program is tailored to bolster individual team weaknesses and to reinforce strengths. Coaches assess individual abilities to build a unique training plan that prioritizes the preparation for the four competition events. Through training, students will advance their critical thinking and analysis skills, and improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking levels. Students will also learn to value individual and team responsibility. We have qualified multiple teams for the Tournament of Champions, with teams and individuals ranking in the top 5 and top 10 in multiple events and divisions.