SSAT Test Prep Course

The SSAT is a standardized test that evaluates students who are applying to certain independent high schools. For any student wishing to attend a top high school abroad, a good score on the SSAT is indispensable. We offer courses covering two versions of the SSAT: Middle and Upper.

By focusing on the core skills evaluated by the test (reading, writing, math, vocabulary, and logical reasoning), students can achieve the complementary goals of becoming more effective thinkers and communicators, while maximizing their SSAT scores.

Course levels

  • Upper Level – For children currently in grades 8-11 who are applying for admission to grades 9 through PG (Post Graduate).
  • Middle Level – For children currently in grades 5-7 who seek admission to grades 6 through 8.
  • Elementary Level – For children currently in grades 3-4 who seek admission to grades 4 to 5. Due to low demand we don’t currently offer courses on this test, but we are available for private tutoring.


SSAT Upper 101

By the end of the course students will have acquired:

Writing: Effective brainstorming and outlining skills, as well as strategies and tricks for structuring essays effectively.
Reading: Familiarity with advanced texts as well as improved reading and analysis skills.
Vocabulary: The ability to recognize and use a greatly expanded number of vocabulary items, familiarity with common English suffixes and prefixes, as well as knowledge of effective strategies for continuous vocabulary growth once they leave the course.
Math: Increased familiarity with the types of math questions on the SSAT, and effective strategies for solving word problems. 
Test Strategies: Useful strategies for both the SSAT in general as well as for each section.


SSAT Upper 201

Students who complete 101 and haven’t yet reached their target score will move into 201. Here, they will focus on increasing their endurance and honing the skills and strategies they learned in 101 through review and heavy practice. In 201 they will take a complete test every 2 classes, along with extensive practice of specific skills, and daily vocabulary practice. Students who score at least in the 85th percentile may begin in SSAT 201, but this will be decided on the case by case basis.

SSAT Middle

Like SSAT Upper 101, our SSAT Middle course approaches the test in multiple ways. Students become familiar with the test itself, and study effective strategies for optimising their score in each section, as well as the test as a whole. They also receive in depth practice in the skills being evaluated by the test: reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, math, and logical reasoning. Finally, they engage in weekly vocabulary practice to increase the number of words they can recognize and use.


Course Schedule

Schedule: Two lessons at 1.5 hours each on weekdays or 3 hours once every weekend.

Course length: A full term is 15-17 weeks, which is dictated by the testing schedule.


Why study SSAT at Point Avenue? 

Parent Meetings

Parents Lesson progress reports will be sent to parents weekly throughout the term, however, parents are encouraged to meet with teachers whenever the opportunity arises in order to discuss progress and future plans in greater detail.


Mock tests

In SSAT Upper 101, students will be required to take three full length mock tests. In SSAT Upper 201, students will complete a total of 6 mock tests; one every two classes. The purpose of the tests is to track student growth as well to provide authentic practice taking the SSAT. 


Vocabulary quizzes

Students will be required to complete a vocabulary quiz almost every week. Rather than having students write or match definitions, students are required to write a short text that uses all of their vocabulary words in combination.

This forces students to engage deeply with both the meaning and use of the vocabulary, providing us a clear picture of their understanding of the words, as well as giving them useful practice with the words in memorable contexts.