SJ, New York University

Initially, it was hard for me to believe someone could ever save my applications. There was only one and a half months left for me to apply to all of my 20+ colleges around the world, and I had underestimated the insane amount of work and research needed to finish the applications. It felt like […]


YN, Bryn Mawr College

Dear Point Ave family, I don’t know how else I could start writing this other than by crying, because that’s how we started this journey. In the small TOONG office, I was scared of a gloomy future that required an overwhelming level of preparation. I also may or may not have gotten scared by a […]


World Scholar’s Cup

“At this year’s World Scholar’s Cup – Tournament of Champions, we placed the top 10 in the senior division. This was amazing for our whole team since we were juniors. I think that the reason that we won this medal was because of how we applied our knowledge in the debate competition learned from Point […]