Play Curio

With 10 years of extensive experience in children’s edutainment field, Play Curio focuses on providing integrated content with both online and offline methods. As the leading Ed-Tech provider in Vietnam, we, at Point Avenue, are proud to partner with Play Curio to bring premium education learning products to Vietnam.

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  • Traditional Education

    Publication and printed materials


  • Integrated
    Educational Content

  • Digital Education

    E - Learning/ M - Learning

    AR / VR / AI ...

Dictionary Pop

Plain flashcards only have pictures & words, but Dictionary Pop brings your flashcards for toddlers to life to make learning fun & interactive!

  • Learn up to 3 languages (English, Chinese, and Vietnamese) with 1 app and 100 flash cards
  • Words come alive through your smart phone so that you can interact with them visually!
  • Explore 10 different toddler essential categories, like food, feelings, family, and more.

Phonics Pop

Phonics Pop interactive flashcards is the best way to learn English Phonics for kids!

  • Fun, interactive phonics learning tool based on world-renowned YBM Education curriculum
  • Improve your reading skills by learning words through chants, songs, and animations!

Curio World Map

Travel to landmarks of 100 countries with just a simple scan from your smartphone.

  • Visit each country by scanning their flag and learn about their history and culture through stories
  • Interact with the gigantic AR world map to see 3D pop-ups and animations of famous landmarks