AI Test Preparation & Counseling

AI Machine Based Learning Tutor for SAT test preparation

Do you want to identify and study the type of questions you have the most trouble with?

Do you want to study at your convenience whether that is on the go or at certain times?

Are you looking for supplemental materials for your in-class lectures?


What can our AI Test Prep platform do?

Our AI tutor will provide you with a 1-on-1 test prep experience with predictive performance analysis. The mobile platform supplements in-class learning with convenient and efficient studying tools.

Real-time analysis & Score prediction

Generates real-time data driven analysis to identify your weaknesses, and provides you with personalized recommendations to improve your score faster by optimizing study time.

It can predict users’ scores as well as what questions they will answer correctly.

Flexibility of studying

Enjoy the flexibility of studying anywhere and at any time on your personal devices.

Thousands of drill problems

Our AI platform contains real college board practice tests, tens of thousands of drill problems with detailed explanations, and step-by-step video tutorials.

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