• Academic & Boarding Camp

    Academic & Boarding Camp

    With 3 weeks of English interaction and more than 10 unique and challenging activities that stimulate creative potential, future leaders will explore the world under a multi-dimensional lens.

  • Elementary Day Camp

    Elementary Day Camp

    Through the summer camp, Point Avenue wants to inspire, create an environment for children to create, explore and approach the world in their own way.

  • Middle & High School Day Camp

    Middle & High School Day Camp

    Through many exciting activities at the summer camp, teenage students will have the opportunity to explore new fields and hone the necessary skills for their journey to maturity.

  • Test Prep Boot Camp

    Test Prep Boot Camp

    With experience training hundreds of students to achieve an average score in the top 5% of the world, Point Avenue teachers will personalize the test prep roadmap for each student to help them quickly achieve their dream score.

  • Debate Intensive Camp

    Debate Intensive Camp

    With 3 levels from basic to advanced, the Debate Camp is designed for students who want to develop their debate skill and group strategies to participate in tournaments, under the guidance of world-class coaches.


What's Awaiting Our Explorers?

• Integrating development of leadership and key 21st Century life skills including: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Character and Diligence in all programs. • A personalized learning experience, empowering young students to mature into disciplined adults who have the willpower to overcome difficulties, take responsibility, be independent and ethical. • A combination of knowledge learning and interactive hands-on activities to help students comprehend complex subjects while inspiring their interest in the subject. • An international team of mentors who are native English speakers with extensive teaching experience for K-12 students. Students will have many opportunities for one-on-one mentorship.

Camp Schedule

Meet the Team

• Graduates of West Point, Harvard, Cambridge, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and more • Held strategic positions in Fortune 500 companies • Head of Research and Development and Teacher Training with a Ph.D. in Education. • 25 years of experience operating boarding and day summer camps. • Debate training developed by the Head Coach of World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) Vietnam National Team. • 50+ years of total test prep experience for SAT, SSAT, IELTS, and TOEFL.


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