For Grades 5 - 9

Middle School Programs

All Middle School Programs are infused with our technological platforms for teachers, parents, and students to monitor and view progress, providing immediate feedback on in class performance. Middle School Programs will also prepare students for international academic competitions such as the World Scholar’s Cup and the International History Bee and Bowl.

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MS English Language Arts (ELA)


The core of our educational programming revolves around the development of students’ English language abilities […]

ELA Progression


Each tier represents a single term, which is 17 weeks in length. Students attend 3 hours of class a week […]

Ink – Academic/ Creative Writing


Our Ink Program takes students’ English language growth to the next level in written communication. The purpose of the course is […]

Test Prep


Test prep for our Middle School students primarily revolves around preparing them for the SSAT, the prerequisite entrance examination for Boarding Schools […]

MS Forge – Life Coaching


Our Forge program is a special component of our offerings. We want to mentor and grow our students to be well rounded individuals, strong in […]

Point Avenue Wordsmiths Society


We take a systematic, methodical, and logical approach towards training for our events. We determine what our goal is […]

Other Reading & Writing Programs


Take advantage of our additional programs that exist to enhance your learning experience with us focusing primarily on self-reading and writing […]