KidTeacher Series

Asking for Directions

This episode features Jason, our Senior Consultant, with Tung, our Point Avenue student. Jason is fluent in both Chinese and English and Tung is fluent in Vietnamese and English. Tung will be teaching Jason Vietnamese and Jason will be teaching Tung Chinese.

Here are the phrases they mentioned in this video:

1. Turn right in 300 meters. ⇢ Vietnamese: Rẽ phải ở 300m

2. Don’t pass the next building on your right. ⇢ Chinese: 不要经过你右边的下一栋楼

3. Make a U-Turn and turn right. ⇢Vietnamese: Vòng lại rồi sẽ phải.

4. Can I change the destination? ⇢ Chinese: 我可以更改目的地吗?

5. Where is the gas station? ⇢ Vietnamese: Trạm xăng ở đâu.

6. I’m running late. Faster, please! ⇢ Chinese: 我迟到了快点吧!